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Offering a broad scope of à la carte legal services, clients have greater authority over selecting their legal services and may choose to do some of the work on their own. If the desire for support flexibility and greater control over costs sounds like it’s best for you, please book a consultation online to get started.

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We're Remote!

We run a remote office with a number of very
tangible benefits to our clients

Contact us wherever you are

We can help you with British Columbia related legal issues, no matter where you are located in the world

Lower fees

Our fees are lower because you’re not paying for expensive office overhead space

Technology Forward

We use technology to make booking easier

We are fast to respond

Our office allows for quick interactions whenever you need them

Cuts down on paper, carbon emissions

We print very little, so you won’t get costly fax and printing charges

Won’t waste your time

We charge for the time we’re together, not the interruptions